Dry skin and cracked skin care lotion

Best dry skin lotion for extra dry skin, cracked skin and eczema relief!

Physicians Majic Lotion...
  • Dry skin relief lotion
  • Soothing eczema skin care
  • Helps dry skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft 
  • Softens dry skin while permitting it to breathe
  • Excellent for toning sensitive or dry skin
  • This skin care lotion prevents oily buildup
  • Heals dry skin, and even cracked skin
  • Shielding lotion helps wounds heal
  • Safe for children and diabetics
  • Safe for facial use
The shielding lotion that gives dry skin, cracked skin, & eczema
the healing it deserves.

The ingredients for Physicians Majic were combined by a physician in 1947 as a custom formulated dry skin lotion for my mother when she was  a very young child.  She suffered from chronic eczema during her childhood. 

During her early childhood my grandmother would have her wear gloves to prevent her from scratching her dry skin, which was at times cracked and weeping. After using this specially formulated lotion, her dry skin began to heal miraculously. The eczema disappeared with continued and consistent use of this special formula. 

For over 50 years my mother applied the skin care lotion each and every day.  Her once dry skin became absolutely beautiful and remained so all her life.

Over the years, those who have had problems with dry skin have used the lotion, and seen a 100% improvement, whether it be eczema or skin that is dry, cracked, and rough from other maladies, or dry skin conditions.

Ingredient Information

Witch Hazel is a wonderful astringent, it helps to smooth wrinkles, cleanse and tone the skin and prevent oily buildup on the tissues of the skin.  Witch Hazel is a painkiller and antiseptic that will help to kill bacteria and keep skin clear of pimples and acne.  It also helps to keep wounds clean and combat infection, it relieves the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids and soothes minor burns, sunburn, sores, bedsores, dry skin disease, and eczema.

Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin.  Glycerin is an emollient, an ingredient that helps to balance or maintain moisture levels and eliminate dry skin. As a moisturizing ingredient, glycerin helps the skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft, rather than sitting on top of the skin. Glycerin softens the skin while permitting it to breathe. 

Bay rum - contains a phenolic essential oil used in lotions and colognes. May contain an antiseptic agent such as alcohol to prevent infection from cuts as well as numb damaged skin, a perfume to enhance scent, and a moisturizer to soften the skin. It is said that the alcohol in the bay rum closes pores in the skin and prevents irritation ("razor burn")

Benzoin Tincture is used as a  treatment for damaged dry skin, it provides skin protection and acts as an antiseptic prior to the application of adhesives or skin barriers.

Organic Rose Oil is one of the most suitable ingredients of ointments and lotions for the skin, particularly when it is inflamed or dehydrated.
Rosewater is excellent for toning the skin which is sensitive or dry.

Tween™ 20 - A non-ionic nondenaturing detergent used in pharmaceutical applications to stabilize emulsions and suspensions.

I discovered your lotion product on the internet one day and purchased the smaller sized bottle.  I was amazed how good it felt even after the first application. I was skeptical at first to pay $14.95 for a bottle of lotion but decided I had to give it a try since I had tried so many other dry skin products unsuccessfully.

I sell beauty supplies for a nationally known company and have tried all their products for dry skin, but have never seen the results I have seen so far with Physicians Majic! I normally would go to bed with gloves on my hands to help prevent my skin from drying out so much during the night.

I no longer need to wear the gloves, and Physicians Majic lotion has helped heal my hand’s dry and cracked skin completely.  I use the lotion on my feet as well, to relieve my dry skin. Thank you for your wonderful Physicians Majic lotion!  I will never have dry skin, or cracked skin again!   Sarah P. Vancouver

My mother gave me some of your Physicians Majic lotion to try because I have cracks from dry skin on my hands that often hurts and bleeds.  Your lotion has made such a difference.  I will continue to use it faithfully from now on. It is truly a wonderful skin care product!  Cynthia H. Albany, NY.

Please send me two more of the large bottles of Physicians Majic!  Our family spends a lot of time skiing in the winter, and we have all suffered from dry cracked skin as a result of being out in the cold so much.  After discovering your dry skin care lotion, we all use it every day, and for the first winter ever, our hands are completely free of dry skin!  Susan M. Bend, OR.
Having suffered from eczema skin problems for years I have tried many, many skin lotions for eczema and dry skin.  With daily and frequent use of Physicians Majic my dry skin has almost completely healed. I also like your lotion because it is quickly absorbed and is not greasy. This is truly a superb skin care lotion! Ann S. Biloxi, MS.
I purchased my first bottle of Physicians Majic several days ago and already I can tell a difference. I suffer from eczema, and my hands have always had dry cracked skin. Since using Physicians Majic, my skin is so much softer, and the cracks have healed. This stuff really works! Terri F. Las Cruces, NM.
I do not have eczema like some people, but may face, arms and hands have always suffered from dry skin.  I have tried many products, but so many of them are oily, and do not really seem to work.  A friend gave some of your Physicians Majic lotion to try.  I have since purchased two bottles of your lotion, and cleaned out my medicine cabinet of all the other products I had accumulated.  The only dry skin lotion for me is Physicians Majic! Tangela N. Annapolis, MD.
I have had very dry skin my entire life.  After using your product, my skin feels and looks wonderful.  Thanks for a product that actually works. Patricia M. New York, NY.
My hands are always cracked and dry from working outside in building construction.  Sometimes my hands are so cracked they bleed.  I have tried many different products with varying degrees of success.  Right from the start, I could tell that Physicians Majic is far superior to anything else I had tried. Your lotion is kind of expensive, but it is worth every penny! Fred. R Chicago, IL.
I wanted to let you know how much I love Physicians Majic.  I have always had to put Vaseline on my hands at night to keep my dry and cracked skin from peeling during the night.  While this helped somewhat, it never actually cured my dry skin.  My hands were constantly dry and cracked, and sometimes bleeding.  It seemed I was doomed to forever have dry skin on my hands.

The day I purchased the bottle of Physicians Majic the cracks in the skin on my hands began to close up and heal! It was simply incredible!  I have been using the lotion daily, and my hands are no longer bleeding, cracked or dry!
Thank you for a great product. I will keep using Physicians Majic so that my hands will always have soft skin free of cracks and pain!  I have told all my friends who have dry or cracked skin about your wonderful lotion! Francis M. Denver, CO.
I have tried everything for my dry, cracked hands and nothing has worked. Several weeks ago, I decided to go to my computer and see if I could find something on the internet that might work.  I found your Physicians Majic web site and decided to order your lotion.  I am very pleased with your lotion. I am using it morning, night, and several times throughout the day.  My hands are so much softer and the cracks are almost entirely healed.  Thank you so much Physicians Majic! Sandra L. Phoenix, AZ.

I want to let you know how much your Physicians Majic lotion has helped my dry, cracked skin that has been a real problem for quite some time now.  My hands have been in really bad shape and seem to continue to crack and bleed no matter what I put on them.  It has been very painful and has made doing the smallest of chores difficult.  I found your lotion in a gift shop and have been applying it faithfully.  Within the first week of using the lotion, my hands had quit hurting and the cracks were practically gone.  It has been some time since my hands have felt like this. Tom J. Temple, TX.

Thank you.  My skin is very dry and someone gave my daughter a bottle of your Physicians Majic lotion.  I have been using it, and what a difference it has made!  My dry skin is soft again! Sammy K. Terrell, TX.
My wife has suffered with eczema for most of her life.  We have tried everything to find relief for her dry cracked skin.  I found your Physicians Majic lotion and once again, decided to have her try a new lotion.  After a week of her using your lotion twice a day, we were both amazed.  Your lotion has made her a very happy person, because her once dry skin is so soft now! Frank G. Tulsa,OK.
I was given a sample of “Physicians Majic” by a friend because my daughter suffers with eczema.  She has used it for a week or so and has seen such improvement.  I am very excited about your product.  Her dry cracked skin is beginning to heal completely! Susan H. Quincy, IL
My skin is very dry, and I itch all the time in the winter months.  I have begun to use your Physicians Majic lotion and my skin feels great.  No more itching, dry or painful skin! Thank you so much!  Your lotion is wonderful. Leslie D. Gonzales, TX.
The skin on my hands, elbows and feet are rough and dry.  I purchased your Physicians Majic lotion about a month ago and it has made a world of difference.  My skin is actually smooth now, and the cracks are all healed. Linda H. Lebanon, MO.
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4oz. spray bottle $14.95 (shipping & handling included) 

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